Team Building Events (30-500p)

1. Pick up in Limousine/ Party Bus guided by the Red Deer Party Bus Company (30-100p)

2. Pick your team building event guided by the Calgary Team Building Specialists:

Apprentice Bike Build

This interactive charity team building event gets groups working together to complete the special task of constructing a quality build item for a deserving boy or girl. Teams will need to create a top advertising campaign and deliver a strong, winning performance, to win the coveted role of ‘The Apprentice’

Escape Room Jewel Heist

Escape Room: Jewel Heist, an “escape room” experience ideal for corporate groups. Teams work together to search the room for clues, solve puzzles, and find stolen jewels.

Clue Murder Mystery

A man was murdered and there are six suspects – can your team piece together evidence, examine clues, complete challenges, and solve the mystery in time?

Card Board Building Challenge

Ships ahoy! Teams work together to build a real boat constructed from cardboard (yes, cardboard!). Once built, the boats are then evaluated and put to the ultimate test as the captain sets sail to win the race. This is a great summertime event that takes place at Gull Lake or Sylvan Lake or year round at any indoor pool!

Minute to win it

A simple challenge and 60 seconds on the clock will keep your team communicating, collaborating and cheering like true champs. Based on the popular TV game show, teams work together in a race to beat the clock, facing off against the competition in simple challenges with just a Minute to Win it!

Wild Goose Chase Smartphone Scavenger Hunt

Have your team step outside of their comfort zones as they head out on a Wild Goose Chase! This smartphone scavenger hunt will stretch boundaries and have your team laughing hysterically. Watch the live leaderboard unfold as teams race against the clock to complete wacky challenges and earn points.

Kidnapped! A Rescue Mission

A crime has been committed and time is running out. It is up to the people on your team to organize an emergency mission to achieve your main objectives to rescue the victim and catch the kidnapper! A unique corporate rescue mission created to deliver genuine organizational benefits back to your team.

Supercar Derby Challenge

Supercar Derby Challenge is a fun group activity that challenges teams to build and race derby cars. Develop skills to help your team become more successful project managers.

Random Acts of Kindness

Build strong team bonds while helping others. Random Acts Of Kindness taps into your sense of giving by completing good deeds for people in the community.

Cake Creators

Cooking shows, culinary learning experiences and tasty team building events are a hot trend! Your group can get creative in this sweet team challenge. This delicious culinary team building experience is designed to bring diverse groups together in a competitive yet supportive environment.

3. Dinner

4. Dropped off by Limousine



Party Bus


Escape Room

Cardboard Boat Building



Life Events

Marriage Course Events

Marriage Course 8 weeks including Dinner.